Awaken Soul
Luxury wellness holiday packages in five star destinations: personal life coach packages and individual healing sessions.
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Luxury Health And Wellness Travel

Invite your soul for the exploration of a lifetime. I create a truly personalised wellness experienced so you can welcome back your health and restore equanimity. Stepping out of your usual habitat can invoke profound healing. On an Awaken Soul wellness holiday you get to shift your outer environment and deeply work on your inner province. As your senses are blessed with new landscapes and vistas, your inner world opens up and you access a deeper level of healing.


Awaken Soul wellness holiday packages include luxury accommodation in breathtaking five star destinations woven into an inner journey that can help you with divorce healing stages, dealing with grief, and offer ways of healing from a break-up.

Personal life coach packages

If you’re ready to change what isn’t aiding you, work through any behaviors and beliefs that aren’t serving you, and step into your truly authentic, heart-centred life, tailored life coaching can help. I offer personal coaching packages that help awaken your soul and bring you back into balance.

I look at your entire world not just one part, teaching and guiding you through a process to live more in connection and balance with your truth. My life coaching packages focus on your whole essence including your home, business, and your emotional connection to yourself and your environment.

If you are interested, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Mystical Conversation & Cosmic Cocktails

Customised Mystical Retreats – Workshops – Events

Delahrose will be your Guide, Oracle, Teacher, Wellness Coach.



For Small Groups of 8 Women

Outline of an Example Evening:


Imagine spending a Magical Evening Event where You and Your Guests.

 Spend time learning and discovering all things Mystical. 

Enjoy sipping non alcoholic botanical cosmic cocktails.


Recipes will be Created by Delahrose 

These will be harmoniously aligned with the current astrological elements, using herbs and alchemy oils. A description will be offered about each, so everyone is aware of the cocktails qualities and benefits.


During our time together we will learn more about the importance of aligning with the energetic phases of a New & Full Moon. 


Together I will take you through a conversation about all things Mystical!



What this could look like: 

Beginning with The Moon’…

What does it mean to plant seeds on the New Moon?

How does one set intentions?

How do you ask questions clearly?

How to realise and let go?

How to trust without grasping?



How does it work: 

When you decide to book or attend an Event, Workshop or Retreat,

I will require you to send me your birth details, Date, time, Place, Country. 

This will be required, & sent with your confirmed payment.


Please note: (If you do not know your time of birth, I can still read your chart though, it will be a more generalised approach to the information within your birth chart.)


I will provide each person attending with a copy of their birth chart the Soul blue print.

As a part of our time together, I will take the time to read each chart highlighting the position of your sun, moon and ascendant only! This will enlighten you all, in knowing how to view and understand your most important personal astrology planets.

During this time, you will learn so much about yourself, as I introduce you to a the mystical conversation that your soul has come to share. 

You could say… Your personal fairytale story…


Also as a Natural Channel, seer, I will invite you to ask one question per person, which I will answer as I read our chart. 


As an added offering, I will provide each person with a beautiful handmade alchemistic oil, balm or incense that I will personally create in alignment for your personal Astrological Birth Chart. To be used as a Talisman.

This is a very unique gift I offer; as an Alchemist, an Aromatherapist & an Astrologer, merging  these skills & qualities, I will create something only for you! 

It will come with a small outline of herbs essences used.

For those who wish to dive deeper & know more about their full Birth Chart, The Soul’s Story.

I will be offering those attending the event a once only Gift Card 20% off your first Full Birth Chart Reading.

Inviting me to Read Your Soul Story’ Is the most soulful nurturing gift, you could give to yourself.

‘To Know Your Stars … Is to Know Your Soul’



Who Is This For?

Anyone who Loves & Adore’s, Astrology and the Mystical Arts. 

The Invitation is to nurture, care, support & entertain your Guests, Family, Friends with, Customised Experiences, creating priceless memories.

These Botanical Astrological Event’s, Workshop’s, or Retreat’s can be fully customised. 

I invite you to enquire about my tailored retreats, weekend or evening events by filling out the contact form below.

Private healing sessions

Private healing sessions

Healing is all-encompassing and I offer astrology, aromatherapy, shamanic healing, yoga and meditation to help you rebalance and feel whole again. When we heal we become conscious and begin to live in greater alignment with our true essence making us feel alive, vibrant, inspired and motivated.


Start Your Healing Journey Today

Energy goes where energy flows and when you begin your healing journey it has a ripple effect. I provide holistic health and wellness travel experiences, customised life coaching packages and bespoke, whole body healing treatments.